To highlight the Super Randonnées with unpaved roads, and to reward their finishers, the organizer creates the GRAVEL SR Challenge.

  • The Super Randonnée GRAVEL SR has unpaved roads, so as to add significant difficulty, compared to routes on paved roads

  • The minimum distance to be covered on unpaved roads is not set

  • The organizer of the Super Randonnée judges whether or not his / her route deserves the name GRAVEL SR

  • The rider receives a special frame badge

  • Each finisher (Rando or Tourist) of at least one GRAVEL SR will have their name published on the GRAVEL SR honor list

  • Finishing is everything, whatever the time taken

December 2021

Liste SR Gravel

To have an even bigger adventure !

Serra do Corvo Branco, on Super Randonnée Peregrino, Brazil - 310 km of dirt roads

"There are very difficult stretches with long ascents and descents, making the cyclist need to stop many times to rest ; and the beauty of the route also causes many stops for photos", Pedro Leandro Correia

The SR Tiradentes (Brazil) has 150 km of dirt roads, in the Sierra da Mantiqueira (RWGPS)

The organizer of the SR Tiradentes, Leandro Rangel, testing his route

Gaye Bourke at Mt Skene Summit on the Victoria High Plains Super Randonnée, Australia, January 2016

"This ride is extremely challenging not just because it is a Super Randonnée, but also because it contains approximately 200 km of unsealed roads and passes through some remote territory" (Audax Australia on RWGPS)

Chris Taylor on his home run on the Victoria High Plains SR (April 2021 - to his ride report)

The road to Idaho Peak on the Super Randonnée Heart of the Kootenays, Canada

"The gravel section of the SR is 18 km one way for a total of 36 km. There is 1300 meters of ascent on gravel", Bob Koen

The road to Mount Baldy on the Super Randonnée Okanagan Ski Touring, Canada

"About 17 km on the way up and the extra 6 km on the way down", Bob Goodison

Bob Koen's bike at the Idaho Peak control

Last control of the Jotunheimen Super Randonnée (Norway), the climb to Vatnahalsen Station ends with 6 km of gravel ...

... and some goats (photo Jens Glad Balchen).

According to the organizer, the gravel stretches are too short for the Jotunheimen SR to be part of the Challenge

The same road lower down, photographed by Johan Björklund, who rode the route in August 2017 (to his report)

SR Bucovina Mountain Pass (Romania )

"The SR Bucovina Mountain Pass has 15 km of offroad / gravel, divided into 7 km uphill, up to 10%, and 8 km downhill, up to 18%. Between these two areas, on the way down, there is a small section of asphalt, perfect for resting and admiring the beauty of the wild landscape around you", Iulian Ene

The "Oural du Sud II - Dozen Rill Trail" Super Randonnée (Russia) includes several hundred kilometers on rough dirt roads ...

... through remote areas ...

... vast forests ...

... and several fords (photos Sergey Syaskov)

Paarl Mountain, Krismiskamp, on the Super Randonnée Afrique du Sud, photo Nico Coetzee, August 2021 - 10% gravel

Kneeland road on the NorCal Traverse Super Randonnée. The route goes from Arcata to Truckee (California, US) with ~113 km gravel

"Epic mixed-terrain ride (~70 miles of gravel) through one of the most remote areas of California over diverse ecosystems, from coastal redwood forests to alpine meadows, and dramatic buttes in the Sierras. Scarce number of services available along the course", Andrea Achilli on the RUSA website

Climb to Mendocino Pass on NorCal Traverse SR (photos by Andrea Achilli)

Snow at Mendocino Pass on May 21, 2022 (photo by Charlie Martin - See photo album)

Lone Star Rd in Humboldt county, CA, on the USAL-600 Super Randonnée (photo by Eric Larsen). The route has about 20% gravel.

"I think USAL-600 is a very good route because of the difficulty, the remote scenery, the variety of scenery (both mountains and ocean), and there are enough services along the route to make completion manageable", Eric Larsen

Ian Heine riding his Volcano High Pass Super Randonnée in 2013 (photo from the Bicycle Quarterly, 12, p.9). The route leads to remote places of Washington state, with 22% of gravel

The SR Sofia-Gabrovo Gravel Trail (Bulgaria) includes an 8 km gravel section crossing the Zlatishki pass, and a second 10 km section connecting two villages...

Both gravel sections of the SR Sofia-Gabrovo Gravel Trail are passable with 28mm tires (photos Lubomir Christov)

The SR Mystical Strandzha Gravel trail (Bulgaria) has two gravel sections (10 and 14 km), passable with 28 mm tires...

"We have a mixed type of surface - sections with old unmaintained damaged asphalt, which is missing in many places and passes through sections with well-trodden gravel", Lazar Vladislavov, SR Mystical Strandzha Gravel trail

Super Randonnée du Désert (France) : southern side of col de Saint-Pierre (photo by Daniel Rigaud on Comptoir du Gravel), 210 km of gravel

First woman finisher Isabelle Chojnowski climbing col d'Arron, July 2021 (SR du Désert)

Super Randonnée Mounta Cala (France) : Colle del Garezzo (photo Sophie); 205 km of gravel in the Maritime Alps (France and Italy)

SR Mounta Cala : the organizer, Sophie, mid in the 12 km long climb to Baisse de Sanson (2021)