SR de Haute Provence

A loop in the heart of Upper Provence, with the Gorges du Verdon, the Montagne de Lure and the Ventoux, as well as less-known climbs (Espinouse, Fontbelle, L'Homme Mort, Lagarde-d'Apt, Aire deï Masco ).

The route is practicable from the opening of the Ventoux (northern slope, generally in April) until its closure (at the first snow, often in December). It can be ridden in July-August, but this is not recommended, because the summer in Provence is too hot for long-distance riding.

The SR de Haute Provence is the oldest of all ACP-Super Randonnées. First opened in 2009, it was modified in 2017: the old starting point, Carcès, was replaced by Manosque, and the route was enriched, while retaining the bases (Gorges du Verdon, Montagne de Lure and Ventoux).

The 2009 route is still available, with a start and finish in Cotignac (at the 1000 du Sud Base Camp).

Regional trains run north from Manosque to Sisteron and Gap, and south to Marseille. The next TGV station is Aix-en-Provence TGV, connected to Manosque by the bus line "Zou 26". There is also a direct sleeper train service between Paris and Gap (the line Paris-Austerlitz <–> Briançon). Gap is connected to Manosque by train (in about 2 hours).

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Mont Ventoux

"The summit of Mont Ventoux will only be accessible from May 15, 2021 (from the 3 slopes), and the Gorges de la Nesque road will remain closed until May 31, 2021 (except weekends) ”.

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