SR du Léman Dément

Ride around Lake Geneva (lac Léman, lago Lemano, Genfersee), and visit the different massifs that surround the Lake (in the wide sense).

The SR starts from Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, commune of Ain, on the Rhône, served by numerous railway lines from Switzerland and France. We turn clockwise. One third of the route is in Switzerland.

It is a great, beautiful trip, with varied landscapes. On the menu: the Jura Mountains, entering Switzerland via Col de la Givrine. Col du Marchairuz via the combe des Amburnex. The Jorat. The Hauts de Montreux with panoramic views over the Lake (Sonloup, Sonchaux). About twenty flat kilometers on a beautiful bike path along the Rhône. Returning to France via the Morgins pass (taking the quiet forest road). Then, Upper Savoy: the Chablais with the passes of Corbier, Encrenaz, Ramaz and Colombière, the plateau des Glières (1.5 km of unpaved road), the plateau des Bornes, Mont Salève (mountain of the Genevans), the Albanais and Mont Clergeon. Jura again to the end, with the climb of Col du Grand Colombier (frequently used in cycling history) from Culoz. Finally the peaceful roads of Haut-Bugey (passes of Lèbe, Cuvillat, Cuvéry).

This Super Randonnée was opened in 2017, on a proposal from Laurent Dene.

Road Information

Ain (1)

Jura (39)

Haute-Savoie (74)

Savoie (73)


Canton de Vaud

List of rallies (in France)

Auberge de Sonchaux (control 7) "Due to works, access via Villeneuve closed to traffic from May 17 to July 30, 2021"


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Landscapes of the SR du Léman Dément