SR des Côtes de Bourgogne

Would you think that Burgundy is a mountainous region? The forst-covered hills of the Morvan, the Burgundian mountain, culminate at the summit of Haut Folin (901 m). Yet if we add the many hills and mountains of Auxois, Morvan, Charolais, Mâconnais, and côte-d'Or, we end up with a surprising Super Randonnée.

Starting from Marsannay-la-Côte (8 km from Dijon-Ville TGV station), this SR will make you discover a magnificent region with a rich natural and built heritage. From the deep Morvan forest to the sloped vineyards, the landscapes alternate pleasantly, at the same time as the remarkable sites (medieval towns, castles, abbeys, wine villages, archaeological sites).

Plan small gears, some hills are steep. Navigation will require a lot of attention, but you will appreciate the calm of the small roads. Enjoy as much as you like ! ... The name, Côtes de Bourgogne (hills of Burgundy), usually refers to Burgundy wines.

Road Information

Even if the opening of the SR des Côtes de Bourgogne does not depend on the opening of a particular pass, winter traffic conditions apply from mid-November to mid-March (frost, snow, cold - the Haut-Folin is a cross-country ski resort).

Côte-d'Or (21)

Yonne (89)

Nièvre (58)

Saône-et-Loire (71)

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Landscapes of the SR des Côtes de Bourgogne